Quality improvement

monitoring quality, analyses & constructive solutions

Quality checks are a management instrument which provides an objective evaluation of quality, as well as an analysis of service quality, based on pre-determined criteria.
“Coached” guests and customers are disguised as normal guests and customers, and faced with real guest and customer situations.
The evaluation covers appearance, manners, knowledge and sales skills, as well as the state of the premises (in accordance with pre-determined standards)
Based on a SWOT analysis, MYSTERY SHOPPING will report on strengths and weaknesses, as well as making recommendations for improvement.

The aim and purpose is to ascertain the quality of service, and to monitor the established standards

Quality check provides an overall picture which will serve as the basis for increasing and improving the quality of the services provided.

Quality check helps with training, as well as with the maintenance of quality standards and supplying answers to questions regarding the company’s service features and quality.

Quality check is a covert, participatory, objective and structured customer observation programme. This management instrument is used to complement customer surveys, because the results of observation are less distorted and more precise than survey results.

“Surveys are aimed at measuring satisfaction, observation, on the other hand, is entended to measure fulfillment”.